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  1. 99 Club Maths Challenge Wristbands - a great incentive for mental arithmetic!

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    99 CLub

    The '99 CLUB' is a great way for children to improve their mental arithmetic skills; in particular, their recall of multiplication and division facts.


    Starting in Year 1 with the 11 club (in which they practice doubling up to 10), Children move through the programme at their own pace, progressing onto the 22 club (22 multiplication & division questions), then the 33 club, 44 club, and so on.


    The aim is for the children to reach the 99 club, in which they will have to answer 99 multiplication and division questions correctly. After the 99 club, there are also decimal, fraction and percentage clubs to challenge children further – these are often called the Bronze, Silver & Gold clubs.


    By rewarding the children at each level with custom printed “CLUB” wristbands, they will be incentivized to improve their mental arithmetic skills in order to progress to the next level. It also sends a subtle message to parents that their childs' progress in mathematics is taken seriously by the school.


    Our “99 CLUB” wristbands can be custom printed with your school name and logo to add a more personal touch – contact us today at [email protected] or 07949 291 133 to discuss your requirements.

  2. Merit Bands - earn & accumulate merits to earn reward wristbands!

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    Gold, Silver & Bronze Awards - School Rewards Wristbands

    Bronze, Silver & Gold effect school wristbands for incentives, rewards and awards - the perfect incentive & award for achieving 25 merits!


    Ideal for school Sports Days and a range of other games, competitions and achievement rewards.


    Other sizes & custom options available on request.


    You can find our Merit Bands on our shop page - alternatively, email us at [email protected]/call on 07949 291 133 to discuss your own requirements today!

  3. Attendance System Wristbands - A Great Incentive To Encourage Higher Attendance Rates!

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    SCHOOL ATTENDANCE WRISTBANDS now offer colour coded attendance wristbands - a great way to encourage higher attendance rates among all pupils.


    Each term, the school chooses a different colour wristband that's awarded to those students with the best attendance records. There are six colours available, one for each half term.


    Some schools start the year with a lower attendance target for the students and gradually increase this through the year.


    And to continue to incentivise good results, if a student collects all six colours, they receive the special, rainbow segmented attandance wristband at the end of the school year.


    Simple to incorporate while providing a welcome reward, that other students will see & want to achieve. This also conveys a subtle message to parents, that attendance is taken seriously by the school.


    You can find Attendance Award Wristbands on our shop page. Alternatively, email us today at [email protected] to discuss your own specially branded Attendance Wristbands.