The School Meal System - How it works...

ORDER-SCHOOL-WRISTBANDSMany schools are joining a nationwide scheme to increase the uptake of school dinners, reduce waste and avoid the disappointment of running out of a child's first choice.


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Each morning, the child selects their meal type and is given a corresponding colour-coded wristband to wear. 




FREE SCHOOL DINNERS INITIATIVE WRISTBANDS For example, red for meat, blue for fish, green for a vegetarian option & so on.


The quantity of each colour wristband sold is passed to the kitchen, who then know exactly how many of each meal type to produce. Greatly reducing wastage.

At lunchtime, the child simply exchanges their wristband for their chosen meal.

It's that simple!

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The children always get their preferred meal choice & happy customers are more inclined to come back for more! So steadily increasing uptake, as more pupils choose to have school meals. 

We supply School Dinner Wristbands in packs of 50 pcs, across two sizes and a range of colours to suit your school's menu options. 

Multi-packs of assorted colours & sizes are available, representing great value,      

SAMPLE-PACK-SCHOOL-WRISTBANDSexpress delivery is included & there are payment options to suit all.

Sample packs available - please click here to order yours.


For more information on implementing the school meals system please review the official guidelines. Please click here to download the full .pdf document. Excerpt below.

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