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  1. School Dinners UK

    With healthy eating in school dinners on the rise, more and more parents are choosing for their children to have school dinners over packed lunches. With people like Jamie Oliver pushing for healthier school dinners and the UK government imposing stricter rules for healthy balanced diets, it seems that packed lunches may soon be a thing of the past.

    What does this mean for schools? 

    For most schools, this will mean a huge influx on the amount of children they usually have to provide school dinners with.

    This can be stressful, dissorganized and a nightmare if it isn't done correctly.

    What can schools do about this problem?

    There's a very simple solution to this problem - Colour Coded School Dinner Wristbands.

    SCHOOL-MEAL-WRISTBANDSBasically, it’s a way to ensure that students receive the meal that they want every day, while reducing kitchen waste and costs. 

    It’s a very simple system to implement and the following link provides further information.



    (Please see the following information from

    "Food served in some schools and academies in England must meet the school food standards so that children have healthy, balanced diets.

    The school food standards apply to all maintained schools, and academies that were founded before 2010 and after June 2014. They must provide:

    • high-quality meat, poultry or oily fish
    • fruit and vegetables
    • bread, other cereals and potatoes

    There can’t be:

    • drinks with added sugar, crisps, chocolate or sweets in school meals and vending machines
    • more than 2 portions of deep-fried, battered or breaded food a week

    You can read more about school food standards on the School Food Plan website.

    Find out if your child can get free school meals."

  2. To help ensure student safety while on school trips, issue pupils with a custom printed school wristband that bears the school's name and contact info.

    It can be made to match the school colours and we can even add a logo!

    worthington primary school wristbands by

    Delivered in around 6 working days and with payment options to suit all finance departments.

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  3. Some 600 student, their parents and teachers have delivered a petition against plans to reorganise secondary school education in Powys.

    Many schools in this position utilise wristbands as a visual way to raise awareness and support.


    The Powys cabinet intends to replace schools in Brecon with a new English secondary school.

    Councillers stated that three schools were in 'special measures' and it had to take action for the sake of our learners.

    A full consultation was voted to be carried out by the cabinet.

    Residents of Llandrindod Wells, formed outside the town council offices opposing the plans to shut the Llandrindod Wells's school & the dual-language Builth Wells High School.

    Deputy mayor Williams said the council's figures did not add up. "We have got the full backing of the towns folk & the business people because if the high school was to shut and move to Builth Wells it would have a knock-on effect" he told BBC News.

    More information on school message wristbands can be found at and also at


  4. WRAP  - The circular economy and resource efficiiency experts, (, offer a useful .pdf guide on significantly reducing food waste in schools.

    Their proven advice will not only reduce the amount of food wasted by schools, (thus saving money), but as a side effect actually promotes the uptake of school meals and makes school kitchens more profitable.

    By pre-ordering their meals, students are assured of receiving their first meal choice everytime, even if they're on the last sitting. And by avoiding the disappointment of being landed with a lunch that they don't like, they're encouraged to choose the school meal option over a packed lunch.

    As a pupil selects the meal type they'd like in the morning, they receive a colour coded wristband in exchange. The numbers of each pre-ordered meal is communicated to the kitchen who then know the exact number of meals to produce.

    Pupils exchange their bands at lunch time for the exact meal they like.

    School dinner exchanged for dinner wristband

    Increasing uptake and reducing waste are excellent targets for schools and easily achievable with this simple system.

    Our reusable wristbands are available in a range of colours to suit your school's menu. There are a choice of two sizes based on pupil age and they are produced in 100% anti-allergy silicone.

    Buy your selection in one of our money saving Multi-Packs initially, then easily top up as required with bags of 50 wristbands.

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    Please download the WRAP guide here.


  5. This interesting report by Stroud News explores the benefits of using colour coded wristbands for school meal systems.

    Wristbands for schools report by Stroud News

    Chicken or beef? What about fish, vegetarian or a jacket potato? A new scheme is helping prevent disappointment for primary school pupils at lunchtime.

    With three choices a day for school dinners, sometimes a child will end up disappointed when their favourite runs out before they get to the counter. But a new scheme being piloted at around 40 schools in the county is changing that.

    Schools taking part in the scheme include: · Barnwood C of E Primary · Berkeley · Blakeney · Cashes Green, Stroud · Castle Hill, Brockworth · Chesterton, Cirencester · Dursley C of E Primary · Forest View, Cinderford  

    Children choose their food when they arrive at school in the morning and are given a coloured wristband corresponding to a particular dish. They then redeem the wristbands at lunchtime for the right meals – making for happier children and easier meal planning for caterers.

    School meal uptake is already up by around 3% at schools which offer the system. More schools are keen to introduce the wristbands and the county council and school caterers Edwards and Ward are struggling to keep up with the demand.

    Brett Stevenson, Headteacher, Blakeney Primary School, said: “We already know the school dinners are healthy and balanced, but now the wristbands are making sure children get what they want to eat at lunchtime. With children getting their first choice they are happier and we are even seeing an increase in children choosing school dinners over packed lunches.”

    Jane Woolf from Edwards and Ward said: “At Edwards and Ward we are very keen to see children eating a healthy balanced diet. The way to see children actually get to eat what they choose is to allocate a colour co-ordinated wrist band. It also makes the whole experience fun.”

    Cllr Jackie Hall, Cabinet member for schools, said: “A healthy balanced meal at lunchtime can really make a difference to children’s ability to learn and behaviour. I welcome any scheme which helps make it easier for children to get a good meal at lunchtime.” specialise in supplying schools while working in harmony with your specific order and payment systems.

    We provide wristbands for lunch systems, school trips and offer a range of award and incentives too. To review our products please click here.

  6. Save money, increase uptake and have happy kids with school wristbands!

    Many schools are joining a pilot scheme to increase the uptake of their school dinners, reduce waste and all while avoiding the disappointment of running out of a child's first choice. Here's how it works;

    Each day, the child selects their meal type & is given a corresponding colour-coded wristband. For example, red for meat, blue for jacket potato & green for a vegetarian option.

     School Meal Wristbands

    The quantity of each colour wristband sold is passed to the kitchen staff, who then know exactly how many of each meal type to produce. Significantly reducing waste!

    At lunchtime, the child simply exchanges their wristband for their chosen meal and so always get a meal that they like. This encourages them to have school meals more often and increases uptake.

    Buy School Meal Wristbands

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