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School wristbands have been a hit among schools for a long while now, ever since us at thought of the idea back in 2010 - schools all across the country, and even throughout the world have employed our school dinner wristband system.

We have many posts detailing our meal system - you can find these here.

For now we'll focus on exactly why this school meal system is so great!

It starts off with the basic fact of saving money. Our school meal system allows schools to know exactly what meals their students want to eat at lunch time, and exactly how many of each they need to cook. This helps to avoid any waste, and can dramatically cut a schools food expenses in almost half with the amount of produce saved. This not only helps the school financially, but the world environmentally and is a clear winner across the board.

It also ensures that the students will also get what meal they want, and wont have to settle for second best - it means no-one will feel left out, and we think that is important for schools to employ such equality measures at their lunch times.

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So that's one thing, but what else are school wristbands used for - and how?

  • Well, for one schools also tend to hold alot of trips! Most schools host a school trip for their year 6 class prior to their end of year, and so schools also need a way to identify their students when travellng - and helps in regards to finding the correct contact details in case of a missing student emergency. This is where our custom printed school trip wristbands come in!

  • Our professional in-house designer will produce a visual order summary of your custom school trip wristbands, which will also include a quote with extra options for additional reference.

  • Once you've approved the order - the average delivery time is usually around just 6 working days! 

So that's school trips, but what about the other uses for school wristbands?

The wide variety of uses for school wristbands

There's so many that we couldn't fit them all in this blog post, but here's a few below for you to look through - hopefully this gives scope as to the usefulness of school wristbands!

  • Sports day wristbands, school meal wristbands, school trip wristbands.

  • Attendance reward wristbands, math reward wristbands, reading reward wristbands.

  • Pupil incentives - merit wristbands, bronze wristbands, silver wristbands & gold wristbands.

How are school wristbands used in place of traditional merit systems?

Traditional merit systems tend to go a bit like this; a student gets merit points awarded to them and once they reach nominations of numbers such as 25, 50, 75 & 100 - they get called up in the weekly school assembly to accept a paper certificate of their merits. While this seems great, the truth is that most of the merit rewards are not actually great incentives for students! Not all students will find paper interesting, and would prefer something more materialistic that they can see everyday to remind them of their accomplishments.

This is where our custom printed merit wristbands, or pre-printed bronze, silver and gold wristbands come in. Using them in replacement of the traditonal rewards really does increase overall attention towards the merit system among students, and is evident among all schools who have updated their system to see.

How do schools use school wristbands on sports day? 

Well, schools usually have houses which are groups that students are placed into at the start of each year and which they represent in any sporting events held by the schools throughout the year.

For example, a school called Fearnhill Secondary School in Letchworth Garden City uses the colours; green, blue, yellow & red to represent the four different houses on the students ties.

On sports day, schools will give their students a wristband of their respective colour so that they can easily be identified during their placements after any sporting event.

If the student comes in 3rd, 2nd or 1st - they are given a respective bronze, silver or gold wristband as a reward along with anything else the school may decide to giveaway.

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