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Attendance System Wristbands - A Great Incentive To Encourage Higher Attendance Rates!

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SCHOOL ATTENDANCE WRISTBANDS now offer colour coded attendance wristbands - a great way to encourage higher attendance rates among all pupils.


Each term, the school chooses a different colour wristband that's awarded to those students with the best attendance records. There are six colours available, one for each half term.


Some schools start the year with a lower attendance target for the students and gradually increase this through the year.


And to continue to incentivise good results, if a student collects all six colours, they receive the special, rainbow segmented attandance wristband at the end of the school year.


Simple to incorporate while providing a welcome reward, that other students will see & want to achieve. This also conveys a subtle message to parents, that attendance is taken seriously by the school.


You can find Attendance Award Wristbands on our shop page. Alternatively, email us today at [email protected] to discuss your own specially branded Attendance Wristbands.