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Pre-ordered cooked school meals reduce waste & increase uptake.

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WRAP  - The circular economy and resource efficiiency experts, (, offer a useful .pdf guide on significantly reducing food waste in schools.

Their proven advice will not only reduce the amount of food wasted by schools, (thus saving money), but as a side effect actually promotes the uptake of school meals and makes school kitchens more profitable.

By pre-ordering their meals, students are assured of receiving their first meal choice everytime, even if they're on the last sitting. And by avoiding the disappointment of being landed with a lunch that they don't like, they're encouraged to choose the school meal option over a packed lunch.

As a pupil selects the meal type they'd like in the morning, they receive a colour coded wristband in exchange. The numbers of each pre-ordered meal is communicated to the kitchen who then know the exact number of meals to produce.

Pupils exchange their bands at lunch time for the exact meal they like.

School dinner exchanged for dinner wristband

Increasing uptake and reducing waste are excellent targets for schools and easily achievable with this simple system.

Our reusable wristbands are available in a range of colours to suit your school's menu. There are a choice of two sizes based on pupil age and they are produced in 100% anti-allergy silicone.

Buy your selection in one of our money saving Multi-Packs initially, then easily top up as required with bags of 50 wristbands.

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Please download the WRAP guide here.