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 Our custom printed school wristbands are designed especially for schools with a minimum order of just 100 pcs.  Schools all over the UK are using our custom printed school wristbands for trips, as a school leaver wristband, school campaign wristbands and as dinner bands.  Dinner bands are a money saving option that organises and optimises the food service in the school.  Not only saving money but also allowing for a more efficient school service.  All of our custom printed school wristbands use a high food grade silicone which is not only safe for children but also hypoallergenic.  

• Unlimited text.

• Logo added FREE.

• Colour matched to your school's colours.

• Free clipart images - stars, smileys, eyes etc.

• Any colour silicone and any colour ink.

Order your school wristbands and get them in a few days, we stock and print our items right here in the UK. We also offer next day delivery if you order from our stock colours

The system is easy to navaigate and accomodates a range of payment options for schools. So whether you decide to pay online at the time you order or if you don't have a school bank card and need to pay against an official order number, we can help. We can even offer payment via your local authority, cheques and BACS too.

Our delivery times are rapid and you'll order will be with you in days. While you're able to pre-approve your custom printed wristbands against the jpeg visual we send prior to production.

We are very used to working with schools and make re-orders and top ups simple too.

We look forward to working you.